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Emilie Blaise

Audio Portfolio

About me

Hello, my name is Emilie and this is my portfolio website. I’m a singer-songwriter, musician and audio engineer based in Montreal (Canada).
My work consist in composing and writing lyrics, recording, musical arrangement and mixing for music, radio ads and audio-visual projects.
Below you can find a sample of projects I have been working on for music production.


Video Portfolio

Recordings, musical arrangements, mix and mastering
(December 2020 – Graduation Projects)

  • Ex-Factor (Lauryn HillLoFi Cover — Vocals, bass, guitars, mix and master
  • Superficial Night (Amy Lyhie – Original) — Lyrics, composition, arrangement, vocals, mix and master
  • What’s Up Willa (4 Non Blondes Covered by Willa Amai – Remix) — Arrangement, guitar, back vocals, mix and master

Full tracks (SoundCloud)

Amy Lyhie

Composition, musical arrangements, recordings
(2022 – Unreleased) — He

Songwriting, musical arrangements, recordings
(2021 – I’ll Be Alright) — Vertigo – Excuse Me Mrs – Nothing You Can Say

Songwriting, musical arrangements, recordings
(2019 – The Sunshine LP) –
– Cloud Nine


Live performance recording
(2022 – Unreleased)